The Child Empowerment Programme

Saishav is a programme with the aim of Empowering Children. It has the following components:

  • Child Survival Addressing issues of Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) by promotion of breast feeding, reduction in female feticide, promoting behavioral change practices in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, food security issues among others
  • Child Development Initiatives to reduce school dropouts, address issues around limited access to knowledge and information ( such as access to education, special tutorials, school fee support, mid-day meal support, sports, digital learning, skill development), as well as, access to safety and basic amenities during natural disasters
  • Child Rights and Child Protection: Prevention of child abuse and awareness and sensitization on the same; child labour prevention. Protection of children from sexual abuse, harassment and neglect and creating awareness on the same through different mediums including ICTs:
  • Medium for sensitization
    • Workshops
    • Training Programmes
    • Information Communication Technology (ICTs4D) – Animation film called Saishav
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • Games
    • PRA methods including Problem / Solutions Tree
    • Videos
  • Target Audience for Child Rights and Child Protection Children, Parents, teachers, Police, media, Self Help groups, Transgender community, General Community and Others
  • Community Participation in Empowering children Sensitizing the community and other stakeholders such as police, media, Government functionaries, teachers, parents and others towards empowering children and their protection from any form of abuse, harassment or neglect or deprivation of child rights and other concerns of children

The following activities were undertaken in 2016-17 under the Programme SAISHAV ©

I. Project Protsahan (SASHAV)

Education and Extra Curriculum Activity Support to Tribal School Arupa Mission Research Foundation supports the Tribal Government School at Suliepada block of Mayurbhanj district with funds for scholarships and extra-curricular activities so that children are motivated, develop a competitive spirit and dropout rates are reduced. #14thNovember2016ChildrensDay Happiness is when children and teachers thoroughly enjoy studying and teaching.....happiness is in the smiles of these children from tribal Government School. Chittaranjan Sahoo Director Field Operations, is motivating children to study well so that they can have good careers in future. Arupa Mission Research Foundation offered scholarships to students to motivate them to continue studies.

II. Breastfeeding for reducing infant mortality rate

Arupa Mission Research Foundation advocates for reduction in infant mortality rate by promoting breastfeeding and proper diet for pregnant mothers in rural, urban and tribal context. This is an integral part of every training that is given to women on any subject. We have tied up with Mother Theresa Post graduate & Research Institute of Health Sciences for promotion of breastfeeding and nutrition for the first 1000 days for children. Dr. Devi Prasad Mohapatra of Jipmer and Professor DR. Manjubala Dash, MTPG & RIHS, Puducherry support Arupa Mission Research Foundation for this initiative. Also, a National Conference on Mother and Child Challenges, Success Stories and way forward was organised by Mother Theresa Post graduate & Research Institute of Health Sciences on Maternal and Child Nutrition, Challenges, Success Stories and Way Forward. Dr. Devi Prasad Mohapatra, Health advisor to Arupa Mission Research Foundation Presented on the way forward by focussing on the goals of the SDGs and World Health Assembly.