Social Development

Our Mantra for Social Development is inclusive growth, gender sensitivity and poverty focus providing innovative, need based and contextualized solutions through thorough research, assessment and understanding , socio-economic vulnerability and risk assessment, for achievement of Millennium Development Goals and ensuring mitigating undue risks by ensuring social safeguards irrespective of gender, economic class, caste, religion. Our focus is on poor, marginalized, vulnerable people, minorities, and differently abled persons from rural, peri-urban, urban and tribal areas on a wide range of subjects that reduce poverty and influence wellbeing:

  • Gender and Women Empowerment
  • Child Empowerment
  • Empowering Differently Abled People(Disability)
  • Literacy and Education
  • Governance
  • Livelihoods and Micro Finance
  • Gender and Women Empowerment: AMRF works on resolving gender issues and empowerment of vulnerable people. Our stakeholders include women, men, children, adolescents and transgender. Violence against Women, Girls and Transgender, domestic violence, cases of trafficking are taken up. We are also working on economic, political, digital empowerment of women and transgender. Measures are being taken up for building capacities of women and transgender and bringing together Government and Non-Government Stakeholders such as people from the administration, police, health, skill development, lawyers and others onto one platform for influencing all stakeholders towards equality and equity.

    Child Empowerment(Saishav): Children are center to our work. We have been working towards empowering children through Education, initiatives to curb child abuse, reduce child trafficking, helping children come out of impacts of natural disasters and emergencies as well as child labour. Our initiatives have been participatory with children, parents, teachers and the community participating in such activities. AMRF has made an animation film on child abuse covering all the subjects mentioned here. Our child empowerment initiatives is under the banner – “Saishav”

    Empowering Differently Abled People: We have undertaken a study on capacity building needs for livelihoods of Differently abled Persons for our client. At the same time we take special initiatives for inclusion of differently abled children in our child empowerment activities as well as during natural disasters and emergencies.

    Literacy and Education: Our literacy and education initiatives are in both rural and urban areas. These include construction, establishment and running of schools and colleges that are either affiliated to Orissa Boards or CBSE, special literacy initiatives for the elderly and for men and women who are not literate. A special literacy drive is being undertaken for the transgender community also.

    Governance: AMRF works with both Urban Local Bodies and Panchayats in Rural areas on implementation of various schemes. For projects in interior tribal/rural pockets Gram Sabhas and local tribal councils are also consulted.

    Livelihoods and Micro Finance: Initiatives towards economic independence, increased participation in household and community decisions, democratic practices and good governance through micro finance, capacity building, and awareness generation have been undertaken. At the same time, AMRF has undertaken evaluations on projects initiated by other organisations and developed roadmaps for course change, reforms and implementation.

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    Bhubaneswar (Head office): N6/23, Nayapalli, Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneshwar- 15, Orissa, India

    Gurgaon Office: 106, 1st Floor, Mariners Home, Plot 36 D, Sector 56, Gurgaon- 122001, India

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